Monday, January 22, 2018

100 Purses 100 Years

Last Saturday, [1/20] my girlfriend, Linda, coordinated an outing for six ladies to Toledo, Ohio to attend a handbag exhibit at St. Paul Lutheran Church's HeART Gallery.  I was one of the lucky ladies!

The church was established in 1857 and the current building was built in 1868.  

100 purses were displayed in chronological order spanning 100 years, and tracing the changing roles of women from 1880's to 1980's.  I took pictures to share with you. The majority of the purses were to accompany elegant attire until they neared the 1980's, and then they became more casual and modern.  The purses were displayed in lovely vignettes.

Here's to women's purses [handbags] over the years!  

It was an interesting exhibit.  There are 88 purses pictured, so somehow I missed taking pictures of 12 purses.  

I'm certain during my adulthood I've either given away, thrown away, or sold in garage sales 100 or more purses.  Do you save your purses for posterity, or get rid of them after they go out-of-style, or are no longer used?  

Following the exhibit we attended a lovely tea in the church parlor.  Tomorrow's post...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


It's been a few days since I've posted, so I just wanted to let you know all's well in Michigan.  Life's been busy preparing for three presentations occurring on the heels of each other.

This Sunday [21st] I'll be at Shore Pointe Assisted Living for their monthly tea and program. It will be about New Year's traditions and customs in our country and around the world. I've learned tidbits I didn't know about the Crystal Ball Drop in Times Square, the Rose Parade, and that New Year's resolutions began with the Babylonians as early as 2600 B.C.  I hope they did a better job keeping theirs, because the average American abandons their New Year's resolution within six weeks of making it! 

As with any holiday, food plays a major role on New Year's Day.   The Chinese New Year is coming up on February 16th [lunar new year], and the most popular food to accompany the celebration will be oranges and tangerines.  Their orange/gold color represents wealth and good luck. I'm sure lots of tea will be consumed too since China is the birthplace of tea, and the country is the largest producer of tea in the world.

Did you know that China also invented fireworks which many countries use to welcome in a new year?  Fireworks are a central part of their celebration because they believe the noise will scare off evil spirits and misfortune.  For Americans, fireworks are festive.

What treat will I take to the residents this month?  I thought fortune cookies and Brach's candy orange slices would be fun.  I bought the fortune cookies at an Oriental Market today.

On another subject, my two pairs of Honey Bear HotSox arrived from E-bay, and in my search to find them I came across another tea-themed pattern to purchase.  I seem to be on a sock craze lately, but they sure feel good on these cold, wintry days.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Ebay and Honey Bear Socks

I browse ebay and make occasional purchases - mostly dishware - but the high cost of shipping usually causes me to ask myself, "Do I really need this?", and quite often I don't.

I was singing the praises of Ebay yesterday though, as well as a very kind and helpful blog reader who read my post about Michigan Charming Charlie stores being out of the tea-themed Honey Bear socks that Angela McRae blogged about at Tea With Friends.

Jo in Kansas sent me an e-mail informing me the socks were available on ebay.  I promptly went to ebay and purchased them.  They are on their way to my house, and were the original price at Charming Charlie's with no shipping fee. Yippee!  I never would have thought to check ebay, so a huge thank you to Jo!

As a bonus I discovered they not only came in mint green, but pastel pink too, so I got them both!

Raising my teacup to Jo, Angela, ebay, and life's simple pleasures!  
Note to self:  Next time something is out of stock at a particular store, check ebay!